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MLS Websites – What’s the best MLS search tool?

There are many websites to choose from if you’re looking for MLS Listings (i.e. Coldwell Banker, Redfin, or  Some are better than others.  For example, I always recommend that buyers avoid Trulia and Zillow which consistently have bad, missing or outdated MLS  information.

One site beats all of the rest by at least a factor of 10x.  That website is which is the original source of data for listings in the Silicon Valley.  This is where Realtors go to enter their listings.  Unfortunately, this site is not readily available to home buyers and sellers.  There is a free version at, however the user experience leaves much to be desired.

If your not a Realtor, the next best option is to have your Realtor setup an automated search through  Your Realtor will be able to perform searches that are much more powerful then any free website like Redfin or  Your Realtor will also understand how to use the correct criteria to find the listings that best match your needs.  The MLS database is highly complex and constantly evolving.

However, if you’re one of those stubborn do-it-yourselfer’s then I recommend and as learning tools.  But once you get serious about buying or selling a home, you should ask your Realtor to setup a search for you through

Apps For Your Smart Phones – Provides listings and has open house times and dates. (My #1 Pick for Apps)



Smarter Agent – Provides listings and recent comps but no open house information. For use with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Motorola, or LG phone, point your mobile browser to:


Text: MLSL To: 87778

 Smarter Agent Mobile App

Mobile Websites

My personal favorite is the mobile website from This mobile website can be viewed in two different versions: the Limited Browser Version is good for fast searches with limited graphics and the iPhone Version is more robust in search features and graphics. I prefer this mobile website above all others and sometimes even instead of apps because it provides the greatest property detail including open house dates and times for ALL listings.